What are you listening to now?


Sure, of course we all have our moments when an artist finally clicks (or doesn’t). Not trying to force the issue at all.

My song of the day from Tommy Emmanuel:

This one of the new songs, from his new album Best of Tommysongs, where he re-recorded a bunch of his favorites he’s written plus a few new ones. Been learning this one on guitar in the past week or so, and is terribly fun/relaxing to play. Also super tricky – my fingers don’t quite bend the way his do…


Last song recorded.


That tribute show last night was great.


My friends and I watched Dirty Dancing this week (I don’t remember the story being so damn heavy when I was a kid haha!), which set off my 80s (sounding) music meter:

The War on Drugs: In Chains



Just got Phoebe Bridgers’ new album through today. Not sure if I like it as much as the first one but the vinyl looks lovely!


I like this kid. He lives a half an hour from here and he’s only going to be a Senior in High School next year. I’ve seen him play a few times here in town and at Heritage guitar - they have supplied him with a few guitars. He usually does more straight-ahead blues stuff, as he’s a Joe Bonamassa worshipper. I’ve met him a couple times and he’s a nice kid.

Anyway, here’s a new single he wrote and recorded.


y’all check this guy out…solid i think.




Sounds good, will check him out. Thanks for the share.


ah pretty cool, will keep an eye on this! I’m such a sucker for good pedal steel.




Yeah, I’m not sure if I like it as much either, but it’s really good!


Arca - KiCk i


Really loving the new Ray LaMontagne album Monovision. This one might be the favorite so far:


I’m loving the new Ray LaMontagne record. It actually got me to thinking how underappreciated he is… By me even. He’s been very consistent throughout his recording career. I can’t say any of his records are disappointing. Nor have I ever been indifferent to any of his records. I enjoy them all to varying degrees.


Certainly a good point – and come to think of it, I feel the same. I just let his other records play after this one finished over the weekend, and really enjoyed Supernova, which I didn’t care for much when it first came out. I can say I really love Ouroboros.




I have loved Ray LaMontagne since the first moment I heard Trouble and heard his voice. I have seen him live a handful of times and love even more that his voice is that great live too.

To me his best albums are Trouble and God Willin and The Creek Dont Rise.

I haven’t heard the new one yet but I’m excited to play it.