What are you listening to now?


I have a copy of this album in my car and my wife had borrowed it for a day and came back and said. OH MY GOD, I love this John Craigie album, can you make me a copy of this disc? She normally can’t change any of my music fast enough.

So I guess that’s a cue that I should go pick it up - probably on vinyl, since that’s my media of choice lately. Plus I love that cover.




It’s a solid album

Harkens back to some 70’s withers and bluesy bob dylan


She’s been on a Bill Withers jag since his death, so that makes sense.



Hamilton on Disney+



my summer project has been building a shed…all so i can house my new bad ass grass eating machine. my first john deere. my first rider so i can mow 1.6 acres in under 2 hours…or in about 3 beers…

last night…listened to this TWICE…i haven’t listened to ryan adams at all since we found out he liked 15 year old girls and was scared about her mom finding out he was conversing with her…
but i am not gonna ban whiskeytown…i just can’t…i remember being hooked on this album immediately when i was 17…all i remember is that it was a warm day in the high school parking lot and my buddy let me borrow the cassette…i ended up making a copy with dual cassette sony machine…
anyways…here’s what i’m working on and what i listened to…


More pics!


That looks pretty big to be a shed… I call it an out building, or at least a garage.

And by the way, I loved that Whiskeytown record more than any of his solo stuff.


i listened to the deluxe version last night…it went all the way through…and i was stil working…so hit play again. i love that album so damn much. oddly, it was really nice to listen to that record. my brother and i had such a huge connection w/ whiskeytown…lots of memories of him playing his guitar and us two singing 16 days together…corny, sure, but i’m a softy for memories…and that’s what music is all about.

the shed is a 12 x 16

it’s so damn big. but i need to house all my shit…


I guess that’s not as big as it looks, but big enough for plenty of stuff… until your next out building goes up. :grin:

My buddy is in the middle of building a garage for his John Deer as we speak as well.


I’m almost out of storage space. Can you house some of my shit too, please?



you can store your extra dildos in my shed anytime you want big boy!


Euphemism ^

By extras, you mean the one’s he’s not currently using?


During lockdown, I’ve managed to find uses for all of them. Sorry, I guess I don’t care enough to share



Sunday morning vibes



This is my favorite work music lately.
Great mix someone put together, if you like Bon Iver, and trains and snow.


The new Courtney Marie Andrews album ‘Old Flowers’ is a thing of beauty.
For me, a huge step up on her previous work.
I can Dropbox it if anyone’s interested.