What are you listening to now?


This is fucking wonderful.


Beautiful. Sharing this.


New Tom Petty Wildflowers outtake released:

Hope this project comes to fruition.


I like the idea but the video is unavailble according to copyright or some such shit. Maybe just not in US.



I got 4/5. Damn.
Doesn’t say which one I got wrong.


Yeah I got 4/5 too.


ah damn! Looks like the copyright gremlins got to it right away.

Well, if people need the song, I can shuffle it along!

The toughest question for me was the guest drummer one (it’s Ringo!)


I went back and did it again and saw it does tell you at the bottom what the answers are so you can see which you got wrong.


Check our shared Dropbox!





That is the most Gibson-esque Martin I’ve ever seen!



People!! Live MMJ in 30 minutes on their YouTube channel!!!

This is from Forecastle 2012 in Louisville and I was at the show. Highly recommend!!


I’m working on an all ladies mix. Starting with just some of my favorites: Jenny Lewis, Natalie Merchant, Fiona Apple, Kathleen Edwards, Liz Phair, Susan Tedeschi etc.


Sunday morning vibe:


RIP Jerry