What are you listening to now?



That song just kills me.


My friends and I have started a bit of a movie club since all this mess started. A movie, every night. We’ve done more than 140 movies so far. I started making a Spotify playlist, 1 iconic song for each movie:

I’m generally not big on Spotify, but it’s easy to share with everyone. Hope you find it entertaining!


Allison Moorer’s The Hardest Part is one of my all-time favorite albums. She recently played it front to back in her living room: https://www.facebook.com/AllisonMoorer/videos/332543697776780/


The complete Ryan Adams catalog.



Heard this was a good one:


The new Bill Callahan album is so good.


Thanks for that Little Feat clip. I saw them in 1978 sitting (rarely) in the front row and it was the best musical performance I have ever witnessed.


Currently watching the first 4 hours of MTV from when it started in August 1981. There’s a whole load of stuff I have never heard of, like Tom Johnston… Robin Lane… 38 Special. Pop in the late 70s really sucked, huh?


Pop has sucked since the 50’s.


Kinda puts punk in context, huh?

Any retro radio only plays the hits, not the mile-wide swath of garbage you gotta slog through to get there. And ‘history’ is so reductive it rarely paints a sufficient picture of the totality of experience in any time period.

It’s like knowing a Vietnam jungle can be humid and buggy vs. actually spending time there.


Today at work I was playing some stuff on YouTube ultimately landing on a song by The War On Drugs. I just left YouTube playing and came across this after the war on drugs song.

Ended up listening to these three albums by this band and really liked them. Great work music:


This morning I went down the Kenny Burrell rabbit hole.




That cover looks like it’s for the soundtrack to an orgy.


Why did they crop off the bottom? I want to know what she’s reaching for.


Playing Gambling House in full.


Monkey tipped me off to this video. Holy shit good.


Cool video.


I love this song so much: