What are you listening to now?


That’s so awesome @DougoBlue about your neighbor’s photo! Loved that piece. Really cool

Today I’m gonna sit down with Neal’s photography book, so today’s song is:


Great musical performances by inspired artists tend to make me emotional. Can’t believe I had never seen this before that I can remember.




Tipatina’s did a fundraiser last night. Playing a bunch of old shows from the venue. Stream is still playing at fandiem.com right now. FYI


A guy on the MMJ board put this playlist together of videos put to all soundboard audio. It’s pretty awesome. This is what’s on my tv this morning:



Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers put a new one out yesterday, it’s really good




My Spotify playlist I update frequently, if anyone cares to follow


One of the best live videos ever.



The Tweedy Show is so good. The older son is a terrific drummer and the youngest can really sing. Very funny family then they drop in these killer songs.


I’m spinning Neil Young Live at the Cellar Door for the baby this morning. He keeps looking around in confusion at the applause and the banter, it’s adorable.


Currently working my way through this (overpriced, if I’m honest) 25 disc monstrosity…

They’re a bit of a quirky/diverse alternative UK band but they churned out a lot of quality in their short lifespan. The 3 books are beautiful, they’ll keep me very busy over Xmas.


Listened to a couple of songs–are they kinda World Party-like?


I only ever knew of World Party’s “Is It Like Today?”, which I never liked. Just checked a couple more of theirs, and I’d have to say that I don’t think World Party are much like Mansun. I honestly can’t think of another band who Mansun sound similar to. Their first album is quite epic with large lush production and aural soundscapes. Second is kind of a theme album (the first album is also themed), and sometimes described as almost prog-like. Third was too commercial, and a bit cheesy. Fourth was half of rock album, half a bit like the third album.


I’m listening to my Dimetapp grape colored Songs : Ohia Love and Work Sessions. <3 <3 <3