What are you listening to now?



Live Drugs




I love Shamekia Copeland’s music. I bought a CD from her many years ago that she signed after a show. Jason Isbell guests on guitar on this tune off her newest record.


Band: Soft Blue Shimmer
Album: Heaven Inches Away



The 15 minutes of pure bliss that is “Change Your Mind” by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.


I remember when Sleeps with Angels came out. 1994 was an excellent year for music.



Grouper - Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

I have that nice Goldenrod/Screenprint pressing



I’ve been going through some old DAT tapes that I recorded from the radio nearly 20 years ago. Funny to hear John Peel’s tastes veering from drum and bass to reggae in a heartbeat, sad he’s not around any more. And he’s just put on Surviving Twin by Loudon Wainwright III, which fits in a bit more with this place.


Love me some loudon








Rufus Wainwright- Road Trip Elegies

It’s an audiobook\autobiography comprised of performances and a conversation with Rufus’ therapist on a road trip from Montreal to New York. It’s a trip Rufus had made with his mom.