What are you listening to now?





i love this song and this is a fantastic cover.

thanks lb


Michelle Shocked-Arkansas Traveller. Lightyears ahead of its time. Americana/alt-country/progressive country. Prodigal Daughter, a folk song about abortion with vocals by Alison Kraus, makes me tear up every time. Too bad that she melted down and that none of her stuff is on youtube/iTunes/amazon. I had pull out the CD from the bottom of the closet. Anyway, if you can find it, it’s fucking treat.


And then Strawberry Jam features Doc Watson, Jerry Douglas, and Mark O’Connor. I mean, Jesus Fucking Christ.


Drop box? If you wouldn’t mind I’d like to hear that.


Take a look. It should be there now.


There are also tracks with Taj Mahal (Jump Jim Crow), The Band (Secret to a Long Life), and Uncle Tupelo (Shaking Hands). This is 1992.


I played Short Sharp Shocked a lot, but didn’t follow her into the 90s. Really enjoyed that album though.


You star, many thanks. Will grab and have a listen tomorrow, late here and watching the NFL. Appreciated.


Really good stuff, thanks again.

You’re right about Prodigal Daughter, that’s a song right there.


Short, Sharp, Shocked is worth listening to as well if you don’t know it. Memories of East Texas and, of course, Anchorage are great songs, but Arkansas Traveler is in a category by itself.

Shocked seems to have a done a great job imploding her career over the years. Not just with the homophobic rant but also by alienating any number of people who supported her along the way. She seems to be one of those “difficult” artists…


Had no idea she said all that about gay people. I frankly assumed she was a lesbian. Interesting.


In the box.




I’ve been listening to this Lucy Lowis record way more than any other album for the last several months. Her songs seem to somehow soothe me.


Spinning an old copy of Souvenirs by Dan Fogelberg. The kids like it.


That’s an album I never really cared about back when it was released… but I’ve got a new appreciation for it - as it has stood the test of time pretty well. He was a good songwriter.


I keep my vintage records separate from what I consider to be my actual collection, but there are a few exceptions here and there for things that are rarer or special to me. My (dead) father used to play these songs for my mother when they were together, so this is an important album for me, despite most everyone thinking Dan Fogelberg is too sappy to admit to liking. I think he was a really good song writer too… I think it’s very interesting that he specialized in writing love songs but admitted that they were all made up because he didn’t really think of himself as a romantic person.


Follow-up, Facebook saw me tell you I had a dead dad and acted accordingly: