What are you listening to now?


I think you should take that suggestion to purchase that sweatshirt.


Actually this is exactly what’s wrong with algorithmic marketing. This could not be a more inappropriate suggestion for me.

Last week they advertised this horrific free-birthing story in an attempt to sell me on a subscription to the Economist. I’m pregnant, I had a home birth, I’m planning to do it again, and this is what the algorithm is showing me? Along side various weight loss products too, because maybe I’m not pregnant, maybe I’m just overweight.

Edit, and actual photo of me right now:


We’re listening to Live at the Cellar Door in 180 gram.


Live Drugs


Been on an Oasis kick all week. Particularly Noel acoustic: Don’t Look Back in Anger, Talk Tonight and Masterplan.


Apolitical Blues - featuring Lowell George and Mick Taylor.


Here’s a review I put up on my Doug’s Discs site of a great XTC compilation album I pulled out of the stack yesterday.

Not sure if there are any XTC fans here, but I was really into their music for a long time. I revisit now and then, but I’ve kind of moved on with them too, I guess.


This one is for @Monkey

The same thing I’m always listening to when I see the name of this forum board. Snatches of Faithless Street in my head… but sometimes it’s actually Midway Park because that’s what being pregnant will do to your synapses.


Thanks for the tip!


I’ll bet Ryan has “snatches of Faithless Street” in his head. Minus the Faithless Street.

Pardon my vulgarity. I couldn’t help myself.


Some friends of a friend have a band called ‘Minus the Bear.’

My friend asks one of them, what’s the name about? Guy says his roommate goes out on a date. When the guy gets back, he asks, ‘how was the date?’

Guy says “Remember that show ‘BJ and the Bear?’ It was like that. Minus the bear.”

Band, named.



But instead of John Denver it’s just me yodeling at my baby.


They always come up in Google search results when I search for Minus 5 news/info.


Can’t go wrong with this.


I thought The Black Pumas were pretty good when I saw them on that Tom Hanks extravaganza last night.


Pete Yorn’s new record. It’s a covers album. It’s in the box if you’re interested.


Nice! Thank you!


We’re listening to Kill for Love by the Chromatics. My daughter loves “Candy…” not exactly age appropriate but… never too early to build an appreciation for darkwave.