What are you listening to now?



One of my faves



Nice! Box it?



A little call and response I suppose. Bitch Better Have My Money as an Opera:


Jamie Foxx annoys me but damn he is talented.


If I am the snake they’re all saying
they look up here
do they see just my black tail swaying?
If I’m all all fangs
and all lies
and all poison
if I’m really what they’re saying
I don’t want to disappoint them.





Amanda Shires is an artist that I have really enjoyed listening to the last couple of years.


She’s really great. I can listen to Carrying Lightning all the time. It’s such a great album. My Piece of Land is also fantastic. To the Sunset took a little while for me to get used to. She is also really good live. First time I saw her back in 2013, it was just her and standup bass player. The next year, Jason Isbell showed up here in Chicago to back her. For a while she would play a weird one-time cover at the end of the show–one time they played Hey, Jealousy because she had heard it on the radio coming to the show. She’s one of my favorite live performers.


I’ve been listening to a ton of Valarie June recently .

Call Me a Fool


hey @littleamen



Neko Case & The Sadies




Nothing But The Blues (Recordings By The Greatest Musicians Of Blues 1923 - 1948)


This was a 40 CD compilation released like 20 years ago. I don’t think it was in print very long. I picked it up back in the year 2000, I think. The packaging was pretty cheap but the music is outstanding. Essential listening in my opinion. I would think a lot of folks that frequent this board would enjoy a lot of what’s offered in this set. It’s just a great, historical set.


Still true.


I watched this show when it aired back at the end of the last century. I was turned on to so many great musicians that I still love.