What are you listening to now?


@highlife What do you think of the new St. Vincent? You’ve had enough time.



@nick I like its languid nature, but still haven’t sat down with the lyric sheet and really jumped in. I like Down and Out Downtown, the Melting of the Sun and the last three songs. I’ll need to see if I can get into the pink Floyd songs, and the first one is funky and fun, but seems oddly hollow.


From my Amazon algorithm station… funny to think that Billy Corgan fancies himself such a talented vocalist he thought someone wanted to hear him sing a karaoke-faithful cover of Landslides and called it a greatest hit. Yeah, maybe, but not yours, dude. Reminds me of Kurt Cobain’s idea about having a CCR cover band because everyone loves CCR no matter what. I love that this was what he was thinking about for making $$$ in 1983.


hey I love that take on Landslide!

But yeah, Billy Corgan isn’t the best vocalist on the planet. Gives me hope for stuff I record haha


Corgan is a marzipan yogurt fart.


Did anyone watch Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood’s new band The Smile’s Glastonbury set? I liked it.

You can watch some of it here…


The new Lord Huron album ‘Long Lost’ is well worth a listen.
I’ve just added it to the box!


I like the two songs they had on that link. Odd they would need to dump half the band, but there you go.


I liked this performance and song. Sounds like an excellent album.



God I love her.


I often have to stop her songs midway and play them back because I am so in awe of her lyrics.






I’m just (naughtily) watching the full stream of The Smile, and I’m not sure if I really like it that much. A couple of the tracks are ok, but most of it just sounds same old same old. Still, diehard Radiohead fans will probably like it more than me.


Radiohead purposely and aggressively told me and everyone else to fuck off after OK Computer. That’s fine, they’re following their bliss. Often enough I don’t want to follow.



New John Mayer track