What are you listening to now?




Big No.


Kill it – kill it with fire. :smiley:


Giving the Felice Brothers some well-earned love:





It’s “Showtime” (I thought “Goodbye Sunshine” would be gutted, but, oh, the awesomeness …)


Been letting the St. Vincent Daddy’s Home grow on me, and it really is a spectacular album, sonically and lyrically.


I’m trying to fall in love with Magnolia Electric Company’s Josephine, but it’s been a slog.


I bought that when it came out, and still feel the same way.


“Of Grace” and “Shenandoah” are pretty great, though (otherwise, I agree).


Do you have a favorite song?


Maybe at the holiday party or somebody like me.



Christ!! I just listened to my entire Galaxy 500 collection like four or five days ago. My collection being the box set Ryko put out in 1996. Their three proper albums & a disc of rarities.


I know you’re going to be jealous, but I am hearing this album for the first time as of last night, I’ve played it like seven times all the way through, totally obsessed. It’s so sad we never get to hear something for the first time again, but man, oh man, this is SO GOOD. I can’t even.


That’s awesome!! I got that album around Christmas '91. Check out their other two albums. I can put them in the box if you want?


No access :frowning:

Yeah, my ex-husband is quite a bit older than me, and we were chatting about Ceremony and he said that their cover was his favorite version of it. He was heavily listening to it in 1998. I’m totally going to check out their other records and I’m working on bird dogging the 2019 color repress of this one for my collection. I love shoegaze music, this album reminds me so much of the Brett Easton Ellis novel “Rules of Attraction,” seriously autumnal music. I can’t stop listening to it!!! It’s sort of timeless like “You’re Living All Over Me,” in that it’s truly unreal this was made in 1989.


If it’s any consolation you’re starting with their best album. I like a lot of shoegaze stuff. Or stuff that’s considered shoegaze I guess. Ride, Jesus & Mary Chain, BJM, Warlocks, BLMC, The Black Angels