What are you listening to now?


Growing up in the 80’s of course I liked Tom Petty, but my true love began with Wildflowers. When I was in college I worked at Record and Tape Traders, a small local store, and I was there when we set up the posters and display for Wildflowers.

I played it every day in the store and just loved it. I have the best memories with that album tied to some of the best years of my life. One of my all time life long favorite albums.

RIPTP :sunflower:


I think Dave Stewart came into Southern Accents in the middle, so there is no ‘what it was.’ It was mid-stream when it changed course, so the original idea never was fully realized. There was no track list for how it was supposed to be.


That is really interesting. I did not know that. I just think that there are some really strong songs on that album that is ruined by the god-awful production. And his kids can milk all the money they want if they keep putting out great stuff like “American Treasure” and the other albums that have dropped the last years. I love it.


Talk Talk Laughing Stock, an album that keeps on giving.


Thanks for sharing! Interesting to hear how people connect to Petty.

My entrance to Petty was after the breakup with my then girlfriend somewhere around summer/fall 2007 (looks like I’m super late to the party on these big artists like Petty, and Springsteen; I blame the weird detour through nu-metal and into Dave Matthews before getting re-adjusted in college, ha!). I remember being home/finished with college, before I was to go off to grad school. My brother gave me the Runnin’ Down a Dream documentary to watch, and I was hooked. 2 straight days of Petty and pretty much nothing else. I immediately got all the records and never looked back.

Like @LBSUNFLWR, my favorite is Wildflowers (hence in my other post I learned how to play every song on it last year). A close second is Damn the Torpedoes.

My opinion of 80s stuff has changed from “super cheesy dumb crap” to “ok, I think there’s something beneath the surface here” for a lot of it. That said out of most rock & roll bands, I feel like Petty & co managed to not get bitten by the cheese that came with the 80s – or at least, it sounded cool when they did it. For the most part I think the same about Springsteen too.



New Aurora.




This is really fucking good. Is this you?


Well, thanks for putting it up. I’ve already found where I can buy his records. I’ve bookmarked his bandcamp sites & everything. I needed to find a new artist. And I have a thing for music from the Great White North. I love The Sadies, New Pornographers/AC Newman & Matt Mays. Seriously, thanks!! I’ve been in a real rut all fucking summer. This brightened my fucking day!!


Thanks!! I appreciate it. I’m OCD. So I’ll end up trying to get his entire catalog in chronological order. I see he’s in a band called Attack In Black too. I found their bandcamp site as well.


Thanks but I already bookmarked that Wiki page & his Discogs page too.



One of my favorite Romano live cuts:


Whoa! I haven’t listened to Daniel Romano since Come Cry with Me. To be honest, I kind of forgot he existed. I will check the newer stuff out



Thanks for all the info. I’ve decided to hold off until August 6th before plundering his catalog at his Band Camp site. Band Camp waives the revenue sharing on the first Friday of each month. That way when I buy a bunch of his recordings all the proceeds should go to him, I guess.

It’ll also give me time to finish my Smiths/Morrissey marathon. And I’ve also decided to to give all the Ryan Adams’ records I’ve been pretty much indifferent to another try. That’s pretty much everything since 2007. Maybe they’ll resonate a bit better after all these years. Maybe not. But, I had similar indifference to Wilco’s records from 2004 to 2011. I gave them all another chance & I really like them now. Some records are just growers I suppose.



I really like those standalone singles he released in 2014 & 2015 as well. There was like ten of them I think. Ryan Adams from 1995 to 2005 is right up there with my all time favorite music by anyone. I’ve never much cared for a lot of his personality traits & I’ve never really hid that fact. But, I love the music he’s created. So much great stuff. I really hope he’s able to work his way out of the depression he’s in. I’ve talked a lot of shit about the guy but I’m actually feeling kind of sorry for him at this point. I’m really pulling for the guy to better himself.

I’m in the minority here but Wednesdays really grew on me. Once I got the physical release & the two bonus singles. I love those four bonus tracks as much as anything on the actual album. I liked Big Colors immediately. It’s not great. It flows nice. I like it for what it is. An homage to summer in the 80’s. It takes me back to the summer of '86. I was 14 & making money mowing lawns. And I’d spend the money on Marvel comics. The good, old days.