What are you listening to now?


Not a great video, but these two songs were such a great way to start shows back in 2013:


This one hit home today





This came out today; they used to be called Mandolin Orange


Have to get that.
I really like them.


Getting this now. Will add to box.


Yeah, the whole album is so good! I like it a lot. Might have to go on my roadtrip playlist for the big move next week.


This arrived. Guitar pick for scale.



Colin Hay came up in my YouTube suggestions this morning. I didn’t realize he put an album out this summer. All covers, so good:


I heard something of his come up in KUTX and it sounded great. Will check this out.


Me too. Love his voice and some of his songs.




Oh my, this album is great:


Agreed. I was listening to it earlier in the week. First Killers album I’ve really loved in a long, long time. My ears detect a Springsteen influence. I could be wrong though.


I am not either a big Killers fan and put it on more or less by chance. But wow, it is like the widescreen Americana album I have been waiting for a long time. Somewhat like Richmond Fontaine on a bigger budget plus Springsteen/Gaslight Anthem on steroids (in a good way). No fillers.



Wrong thread. Moved to new releases your looking forward to.


One of my favorite Stones songs. I saw them play this live at the only time they ever played the Budokan in Tokyo. I loved hearing/seeing it live! That’s probably my favorite Stones show. Wait, 1995 at the Tokyo Dome when they did the Stripped set was pretty good, too.
Either way, I’ve never been to a “bad” Stones concert. Every one of them has been such a great experience, just so much fun and memorable! :heart: