What are you listening to now?


New War on Drugs is so good:


also, teasing myself trying to learn this on guitar:



DBT + Neil Young + Booker T in one.


Love that, just what I need for the next show I’m playing, lovely opener, not too hard but can be played with a bit of feeling.


I’m gagging over here waiting for @thebalvenie to dish his thoughts on the Red re-release. This board is extra quiet lately.


sorry! i’ve been out in the woods hunting and camping. i had to get back in time on saturday to make the drive up to a service/celebration of life for a close friend who took his own life. just awful stuff.

the red re-release is alive and well in our house. we listened to all the new songs yesterday. we watched the short film all too well and watched her perform on snl. our eldest is obsessed and addicted to all things taylor.

red is an excellent album.


I’m sorry for your loss, Balv. I’m glad you’re back.


thanks saf.

i’ll be around more now. filled my deer tag and we chased a lot of elk around and saw tons of moose. my bro would have turned 40 last friday so we did a 4 day hunt in his honor and in the honor of a camp stove in a wall tent with Crown and Cokes :wink:


i also cut out the heart, kidney, and tenderloins on the deer and we ate it for my bro’s bday. it was delicisous.




sorry to hear your loss @thebalvenie, glad you’re back too


Truly for your loss, Balv. Take care. Many years ago the kid brother of a friend took his life when he was about 16 or 17. The most heartbreaking funeral service I have ever attended (they are always rough). At one point, my friend just walked up and down the aisles carrying a big photo of his brother, tears streaming down his face and telling everyone “This was my little brother”.


Sorry for your loss, Balv!

Also sorry that I am just seeing this.


Me too.


pretty fucked up.

he had posted a hug scathing letter about his cheating wife…she had slept w/ four of their “friends”

anyways, a friend close by happened to be on facebook and saw the letter and ran over to his house to talk to clay to make sure the letter was just that…a letter…it wasn’t he found him hanging by an electrical cord.

the friend had the wherewithal to open clay’s phone w/ his face and delete the post/letter off of facebook…i guess it was pretty brutal.



That is brutal, indeed. And heart-wrenchingly sad. I wish my friend’s kid brother would have seen only a glimpse of how much he would be missed before he made the fatal decision (stepped in front of a train). J was a cool, smart and cute as a button 16-17 year old boy with long blonde hair and black nail polish, who I had given all my Dungeons & Dragons role-playing books (Swedish versions) a couple of years earlier (dunno why that meaningless detail has stuck over the years, something about passing stuff that you love on to someone else and thinking that he had himself some fun imagining slaying dragons and so, I guess). And things would have changed for him – his whole life would have been so different just a couple of years later.


Fuck, that’s pretty rough. I’m guessing the wife isn’t going to forget that in a hurry.

Edit: been listening to Bat For Lashes a fair bit lately, grabbing her stuff on vinyl but it’s a bit extortionate these days!


Sorry for your loss, Rodknee.
Hope you’re doing ok. Hugs!