What are you listening to now?


Produced by and featuring Sly and Robbie.


Lots of Sly and Robbie.



I remember when this album rocked me harder than most.

Listening to it now, it seems kind of lengthy and drawn out… but the bombast is still there.




Just found this band, Nashville Ambient Ensemble. Album from this year is Cerulean. This song is so good:


Robert Earl Keen is retiring from touring: https://www.robertearlkeen.com/news/time-flies


Damn. Never even seen him live since I live in the outskirts of Europe. Not his territory for touring, sadly.




I really enjoy how chaotic this album is.


One of my favorite things put on tape:


I remember the summer that You Gotta Sin to Get Saved came out. What a great album that was. Too bad she disappeared for years after that and then never followed it up with a good album. But man, You Gotta Sin is a great album.


If there ever was an album that deserves a deluxe edition treatment, it is that one. When I bought it back in the days, it came bundled with a 4-track ep in cardboard sleeve just called “Live” that contained insanely good live versions of “Panic Beach”, among others.


Man do I love you both for bringing up this beauty. I was obsessed with Maria McKee in my late teens. Got to hear her in a small room in San Diego in the late 80’s. The Beat Farmers were hanging out in the audience and some of the Penn brothers since Michael Penn opened. My date played drums with some of the Beat Farmers so it was pretty social. He thought she was overrated until she opened her mouth.


She was a talent of meteoric proportions. Stellar that you were able to catch her fireworks.






Mostly listen to Jazz these days, had this classic on earlier!