What are you listening to now?




Might be one of his best solo recordings:


I bought that album when it came out and turned all my college friends on to Emmylou. Fantastic band with James Burton and company, country music doesn’t get any better than this in my opinion. That and Luxury Liner are a couple of my favorites from that period of time.


I bought that album after I heard Springsteen play Satan’s Jewel Crown from that album back in '93. Springsteen was my gateway drug for all things Americana.


I bought an album by John Starling because I loved that song so much. Check out Long Time Gone if you get a chance. Him and his wife Fayssoux were great musicians.

Never knew Springsteen covered it.



Satan is Real is an amazing album, many classics there.


The Louvin Brothers wrote some fantastic songs and had great, tight harmonies.


Also a great album cover.


My friends Aaron, Stosh, and Kenny put out a new EP from their band Black Market Kitty.






Not sure what took so long but thanks for this.



I like the title concept. We all do. That doesn’t make us pigs.



Mavis Staples Live in London. Stellar.


I’m moderately obsessed with songs that Courtney Love says are about her. There are a lot of them.


Rock around the Clock, Wild Thing and Fur Elise are about her. Everything is.