What are you listening to now?


The first rule of MMJ is not to forget MMJ.


Yea and they used the worst songs for the first album.




I really liked the Waterfall II as well, after largely ignoring the first Waterfall. I went back and listened to the first one after hearing the second one and now like them both quite a bit.

One of the few truly great touring rock bands going nowadays in my humble opinion.







Andy Partridge’s name should be mentioned far more often than it does in the “all time great songwriters” conversations. His body of work definitely warrants the consideration.


The new Ryan Cullwell is pretty great!

Sorry, I don’t remember how to embed vids. :woman_facepalming:t2:


I think all you have to do is copy/paste the URL. Which is nice & easy. I don’t do complicated. Here… I just copy/pasted the URL here for you.


Lol. Now I feel like a dumbass. I hit the “link” thing and then copied/pasted URL. I remember the old days when we had to use embed code…and I can’t be bothered with that nonsense today. Lol.

Thank you!


We need to get one thing straight… I’m the resident “dumbass” of Faithless Street. You can apply for an internship though. If you’re interested that is. There’s no drug test or even a background check for that matter.



You forgot mr gay and meade




They try too hard when it comes to the accessories department, but this rocks.
(when in doubt, skip to 4.02 for immediate satisfaction)


this JJ Cale live video from the recording studio with Leon Russell and friends is great.