What are you listening to now?




Just listened to Dylan and The Band - Before The Flood. With all due respect to the Stones, The Band on that record were The Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World.


My neighbor and I get together and play guitar. He brings in songs that I am not familiar with. This was one… I like Maren Morris, but I’ve never heard of Ryan Hurd. I kind of liked the song then looked him up and he’s from Kalamazoo, where I live.

Maybe I should get out more, I had never heard of Taylor Hawkins either.



This made me put on Planet Waves. What an album.



Sylvana Estrada - Marchita




Quoting this again, just because. When that guitar comes in on Most Likely You Go Your Way, it’s pure heaven.




I’m really enjoying the new Father John Misty.


Man that sounds like:


Yeah me too. Like most of his stuff.


Misty Schmisty.


He’s been milking the Nilsson style for a while now, but I do enjoy his songs.



And which of the three do you prefer?


That’s a difficult choice. I do think Jason and Amanda play this one really well together. I was so thrilled to hear that again in New Jersey.