What are you listening to now?


One of my all time favorites:


The solo in this is beautifully done. Adding a second guitarist has really lifted the band. They’re a true ensemble band, all top class in their roles. Nicely shot as well.


I wish I liked their albums after All Your Favorite Bands better.


Yeah, I get that. Mandy Moore effect? :joy::joy:


She’s a regular Yoko.



I like the looks of that box, but I have no idea what or who that is.

That Live in Europe ‘72 box sounds great…


It’s a PNW 73-74 box. 20 CDs, 6 shows, 3 in 73, 3 in 74, Vancouver, Seattle Portland. They got a first nations artist to do the box, it’s very impressive inside and out.


I think I have it digitally but not sure I’ve listened.
I’ll check.


Listened to the first show (Vancouver 73) in its entirety yesterday. Was a B- show. Nothing really stood out as stellar.


love this new sound craigie has on this album



I think I’m in love:



The live album is great. Well worth checking out.



New Molly Tuttle is excellent.


There’s just a ton of excellent new music. It’s really exciting.


Gillian Welch playing with Molly Tuttle:


Really liking this whole album