What are you listening to now?


One of my favourite albums of all time.





I picked up one of those AC units. How do you like yours?


That little thing is an air conditioner? :slight_smile:


Really good, but miss reverb built in so ended up getting a quilter superblock UK which is just phenomenal.

It does need the noise gate if you crack the gain up though


Nice! A friend is a rep for Quilter.
My husband has used a reissue reverb tank forever but it started crapping out. Our only tech is 3 months out so he got a Catalinbread Topanga Burnside spring reverb pedal. It looks really stupid but sounds great.


I’m a huge fan of their work based on this one. Cannot believe the tone and volume from something so small and not tube. Considering getting the US as well for the fender tones. If I had more space I’d love to get their aviator cub.

That pedal sounds good, they do grand stuff from what I’ve experienced. Think that one creates the effect of the reverb landing before the amp so it all gets amplified. Bloody lovely sound.


This is a pretty great live recording that I had never heard.

Tremendous stuff. Lowell George was an incredible talent. This was recorded around the time of the release of his only solo album, not long before his death.


Thanks for this!




The new Kevin Morby is great.


This one has been running through my head thanks to the demo’s and outtakes in the db.


The new Kendrick Lamar and The Smile albums are really good. It’s been a good new music day.


New Delbert!




Watching on my TV. Turned up very loud. With morning coffee.