What are you listening to now?









Great band and love her songwriting.




Just read a Mojo article on the Finns and Crowded House, made me want to go back and listen to Split Enz–and here it is!


This is a joke around our house. I’ll mutter some vague noises at my husband to the tune of this song and end it with BLOODBANK, like I only know that one word from the song. Then I do it again and he gets all upset and tells me that he only says Blood bank once. Lately I throw in a few random words from the verses too like “candy bar” and “kissed,” and he gets even more mad. It never gets old to me.



I can totally picture this. :rofl:

I think this is one of the songs where I can actually make out most of the words.


Hell yes!!! Pre-listen:



I ordered a CD one of my buddies recorded and he saw a FB post I made which showed the cassette player in my truck along with a mix tape I found recently which I made in 1995.

He sent me his CD along with a random mix tape of his from the nineties he grabbed out of a box in his garage. I’ve really been enjoying it. There’s something surprisingly personal about listening to someone else’s mix tape from their late teens. It’s like reading someone’s diary.

I don’t imagine we have enough people here with cassette players to do an old mix tape exchange, do we?



I collect new cassette tapes. My mix tapes were shitty because the radio was shitty when I was a teen. Every song had the last 30 seconds co-opted by some disc jockey.

I had one that had Extra Ordinary by Better Than Ezra, Stay by Lisa Loeb, Name by the Goo Goo Dolls, and the Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog because they played it at an ever increasing frequency as a publicity stunt leading up to the radio station switching genres.

I hope this was as painful for you to read as it was for me to recollect.