What are you listening to now?


Forgive my 25 year old handwriting (not that it is much better now) but here’s the list from my 1995 road trip which includes a Kermit and Fozzie song.


I had hundreds of mix tapes… most are gone now, but I still have a few boxes of cassettes left. I’ll have to check and see if I can find some mix tapes. My younger years were spent making mix tapes.





I have lots of my CD mixes but not the tapes anymore.

We did CD swaps a lot on the old board and sent CDs through the mail. We did a couple digital mixes here in the Dropbox too.


Those CD mixes are a piece of cake compared to gathering up all the albums and finding the track you are looking for, then moving on to the next track you need. It used to take me hours to make my cassette mixtapes from my vinyl collection.


OK boomer :rofl::rofl:



I found a couple mix tapes from the 80’s taped off albums. The first one is one my friend sent me from California in the mid 80’s. The second and third ones are a couple of my themed mixes from around that same time.


I need to dig mine out now. Had a friend in high school who was music obsessed also. He went to Vassar and DJ’d nights for the college station. He made me some incredible mix tapes. Introduced me to Lucinda Williams, Nanci Griffith, Everything But the Girl, Prefab Sprout. So much amazing music. I didn’t know mix tapes were a thing then.


@WillieCash @LBSUNFLWR Speaking of mixtapes, I recently finished recording a cover album for the 90s, where I chose one song that was released in each year. It was a lot of fun learning these songs, and as Willie said, perhaps very insightful to where I am at the moment haha. Also working on an 80s mixtape, which is almost done.

If anyone wants to hear it, I can post/send a dropbox link.



Yes, would love to check it out.


Here’s the album:

90s Mixtape

Hope everyone likes it! Or at least laughs at it.





I really like this record. My favorite Wilco release in a while for sure.


I’ve heard mixed reviews. Still haven’t checked it out.


I like it a lot too; it really opens up towards the middle/start of the second disc.

My favorites are:
Bird Without a Tail/Base of My Skull
Tired of Taking it Out on You
The Universe
Many Worlds
Hearts Hard to Find


There are a couple of tunes in the second half that seem more “jammy” than i’m used to hearing from them. I like them stretching out a little without getting too experimental sonically.