What are you listening to now?



Well worth taking 38 minutes out of your day for this.



i will always love this


Another favorite 6 O’Clock News.



What a weird, fantastic album that is. She played a bunch of songs from it last week in St Louis.


β€œHe sang nursery rhymes to paralyze the wolves that eddy out the corner of his eyes, but they squared him frozen where he stood in the glow of the furniture, piled high for firewood”


She is amazing at the wording.



May Erlewine is a somewhat local songwriter and performer. My friend’s daughter is in this video draped in a flag.





This one means a lot lately:


Our iPod adapter for the car broke like five hours into our 15.5 drive yesterday. There was no chance we were going to make it with the radio.

Shout out to my cousin Scott who shared his SiriusXM log in. We made it by flipping between Grateful Dead channel, Spectrum, phish channel, Jam On and all the various 80’s channels. :grinning:


Featuring one of the most underrated rock bands around - The Worlds Most Dangerous Band
Featuring Paul Shaffer with Will Lee, Sid McGinnis and Anton Fig.


Love that version. I’ve been singing it whenever I buy raspberry sorbet.



I like this guy’s music.