What are you listening to now?


coming back to this one, trying to learn it:


Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett: London Homesick Blues



Jamie Lin Wilson–Emmylou Harris birthday tribute


Still listening to this incredible Kevin Morby album.


Seeing Robert Earl Keen this week at the Birchmere in Alexandria. He’s retiring from touring, and I’m excited to see him one more time.


Really good



I had this 45 along with The Letter by the Box Tops when I was a kid. Alex Chilton sounds like he’s an old man even though he was only 16 or 17 years old.


Yes it’s funny that his voice was so angelic as an adult.



A friend just texted me a Sparks vid today too.


Texting a video sounds technically complicated (feeble joke intended).


Which one? Have you watched the Sparks documentary? It’s wonderful.


It was Angst in my Pants. Yeah the doc is for sure interesting. Found their movie with Adam Driver to be odd, slightly boring, but interesting.




I am listening to Shoegaze, based on the recommendation of a few good friends that are music lovers.
My Bloody Valentine, Ride and Slowdive are the first three bands I’m going to check out.


The new Amanda Shires!


It’s so good. So, so good. The songwriting is incredible.