What are you listening to now?



This song is pretty fucking stunning. The whole album is nice.

There is a winter morning you didn’t know me yet
It probably was snowing, I wonder what was said
Of the days quickly going to what will come ahead
I don’t know if I can ever love someone like that
Like that

You took her to the hospital and put her in the bed
I can only think about that day and what it meant
When the doctor came out and said
"You have a daughter now"
Now (now)

How does it seem to rearrange
All the images in my mind? Believe
That it happened to me like I was lost
But it happened all the same

I can hear you singing still
Wake up in the morning so the morning comes
Where has it gone now? where has it gone?

I’ve seen photos of the living room, we didn’t have a lot
And the house needed some work done so you did it all yourself
For a feeling of family a place we could call
Home now

So comes another year now
Did you ever even think
We’d both be back here looking out at this beautiful place?
Seeing nothing but the glow of memory
And a void in our vision where she would be
It comes and goes
I come home, then I go home

How can it be that the days go on
and the red bird sings it’s red bird song?
It happened to us and it’s happened before
and it happens all the same

I can hear your singing still
Wake up in the morning let the morning come
Sing me a song, please, sing me a song

I can hear you singing still
Wake up in the morning let the morning come
She’s in the birdsong, she won’t be gone




Pretty much still all Goose, all the time.





goose doing prine’s Bruised Orange


This slays me every time. I love Kate Bush and wouldn’t imagine anyone could do a song better than her, much less this one. But dang. Pure tone. He’s a fucking god too. Beautiful man. This is live. Unreal.


That is a great version. Consider me a fan of Goose now.

Here’s a bunch more from that same setting if y’all are interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFuu3kK4gpk


awesome! thank you.


Yeah it was great. Will watch all.


However, it should be noted that the dude on the right wears a dorky hat (“Wait a minute, before we begin, let me just put this on”).


I love Maxwell!


I mean…I bet you’d look good in it….



That is what his inner voice said to him when he found it at the store. And the voice also whispered: “John Frusciante wore one in that old video and the gals went nuts seeing him shred. They all say you look like a computer programmer but in this baby you will walk like an Inca … you need this for the upcoming taped performance. Nobody will notice the annoying swinging cords”.


Loved Embrya ever since it was released – a very underrated album. And the NIN cover from the live sets is also truly inspired.



The new Butch Walker album, Butch Walker as… Glenn is so good. I’ve had it on repeat since it came out yesterday. My standouts: