What are you listening to now?




Love that record.


Second that. Fantastic album.


yeah, I don’t know how I’m just getting to it last night/today


I’m a little jealous. I’d love to find something this good right now for the first time


I’ve been meaning to get into the Jayhawks for a long time; I was sitting around last night, now that I can relax in my new place fully unpacked, looking for new songs to learn, and I saw this come up on YouTube; I thought the title Tampa to Tulsa sounds like something I’d be into, so I gave it a shot :joy:

I wish I had something to offer with respect to “new” (to you) artists that blow you away! It is the best.


Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass? The first one would be one of my deserted island discs. Maybe both.


I haven’t! It will be a fun week here then with all this Jayhawks stuff, thanks!


Sound of Lies has a great opening three tracks


Mark Olson fronted the band with Gary Louris but quit after Tomorrow … Together they sung incredible harmonies and wrote stellar melodies but did not see eye to eye.




Loving the new Jim Lauderdale



He’s so good.



Ha! Yes, I sent both of those videos to a friend yesterday.


His voice is ridiculous. He made me cry live. Of course I was microdosing with Dan Bern singing harmony in my left ear but hey.


Best performer i’ve ever seen live.

I’ve seen him six times, mostly back in the late 70’s, then once on the tour that Big in Japan was recorded. Absolutely mesmerizing interpreter of song and character.