What are you listening to now?


I have been reading his book too.

I’ve taken years so far and come back to it every so often. It is a good book and I like his honesty. He also doesn’t seem to be an egomaniac, which is rare.



I do love Elvis.


I was never a fan but seeing the Elvis movie changed my mind.
Now I can’t get enough of his live shows.
Plus, I had no idea he was so funny. I like that he didn’t take himself so seriously.


Yeah, I think that makes the tragedy of his later life more poignant.


And I forgot to say that the TCB Band that was Elvis’s rhythm section for his band is absolutely amazing !!



The new Beth Orton album. I love it!


thanks! i’m gonna check this out now!


I listened to Love Is Hell yesterday for the first time in a couple years.


It’s basically the only album of his that I still go back to.


The tracks that I like the most on Live: Return of the Storyteller are not up on youtube yet, but the stories he tells like on “East Nashville” and “John Prine” could melt ice in Antarctica. Okay, it is melting all by itself these days, but you get what I am after:


Do you have a favorite live show that you want to recommend?


68 comeback is probably my favorite.


I see you noticed that I’m watching the video. :wink:


Watching this.
Venue looks incredible, in Colorado.


It’s a Tom Petty kinda day (as are most days for me :joy:)


I’ve been listening to a lot of Lu lately, and never knew Petty covered one of her songs.

And she talked about her song she wrote about having thoughts of a person filling your head like they are there with you. She wrote this song about her and Tom Petty.


I like the She’s the One soundtrack. I always thought Walls was one of his best songs. They recently released a different version of the soundtrack too. It’s called Angel Dream, I think. Lucinda put out a Tom Petty tribute album during the pandemic on her website.


i go back to this one too. and still have WT stuff on rotation.