What are you listening to now?





Elvis in his full Las Vegas glory. Also love Joe South’s version.

And here we should also not forget the wisdom of Bill Connolly: “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes”.




Ryan’s Nesbraka. It is not great.


reason to believe is it for me. otherwise. it sucks.


It sounds like a college project, surprised he got the permission to release it really. I honestly think I could do as good a job…


let’s hear it!!!

he murdered atlantic city.


Partly agree. “Open All Night” gives the original a run for its money, as I see it. Otherwise, it is pointless.
EDIT: Perhaps “toss off” is a better characterization than “pointless” (too reductive).


When I get chance I’ll try to put one down, got a gig this week so no chance at the moment :wink:


that’d be sweet!


Let’s be clear here though, I think I can match Ryan maybe, not the originals :joy::smirk:


This was the best tribute to Nebraska ever:


There are several great covers of Atlantic City, but the one by Dawn Landes is probably my favorite. It’s almost another song when it’s sung by a woman.


Greensky Bluegrass does an excellent cover of Atlantic City. Here is a video of them doing Merle Haggerd’s Sing Me Back Home from the show I was at a few weeks ago at one of their homecoming shows at the State Theater in Kalamazoo.


sorry muttinear
it’s this one or bust:



I can’t believe that we’re that out of sync here. Maybe we need to go to couples counseling.


In terms of an incredible WTF moment, I will say that when Jason Isbell and Justin Townes Earle played Atlantic City as an encore together back in 2009, it was pretty hard to beat for me. But I do like Dawn Landes’s version.