What are you listening to now?


i’ll go if you’re buyin’


isakov playing Highway 29 and Dry Lightning are cover wtf moments for me…goose bumps and all.

rateliff playing springsteen’s atlantic city was like the ghost of my little bro coming out and having a blast with us at the concert.


Come on now. The Band has owned Atlantic City forever.


for sure. but rateliff’s is a cover of their cover!!!


And that’s as close as anyone can get.


Sure. Looks like Bismarck, ND, is about halfway between us, which means that all counselors will take my side because I’m German.


Finding a couples counselor that will take your side is more than half the battle - so I hear.


Dry Lightning is a top five Springsteen song for me. I hadn’t heard that cover. Thanks!


It feels like we’ll be alright now. We had a breakthrough.


two steps up, one step back? :slight_smile:


She just keeps hitting it out of the ballpark.









Elvis Country is my favorite official album next to the Memphis records (prefer the songs without overdubbed strings on FTD releases, though). “Washed My Hands in Dirty Waters” is easily one of his greatest rock n’ roll performances.

Grand song country this one (crappy compilation album cover).


I just got my hands on it yesterday. (There are so many, many albums I’m still trying to catch up! I started off listening to the live stuff from the late 60’s and early 70’s first and just recently started withe the official studio albums.)
I’m not really into “country” but that voice! Everything sounds so good when Elvis sings it. :rofl:
Yes, the overdubbing can get in the way sometimes. That’s probably why I really enjoy listening to the rehearsal stuff and outtakes.

I have that Christmas album but I haven’t listened to it yet. Like I said, so much catching up to do!

If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears. I don’t really listen to much of early stuff, though. I prefer the “mature” Elvis voice, so smooth like velvet with that amazing range and power. :heart: