What are you listening to now?






@bakamomo :+1:


Ooooh, are those recordings not on the recent boxes?


What recent boxes?
I just got this today in Flac.
I found it on Archive.org the last time you told me about it but it was in mp3.


Aha, cool! The box I was thinking about are From Elvis in Nashville and Elvis Back in Nashville (I think you clearly have the edge over me on the chronology, nowadays).
EDIT: And the recordings in general!


Haha! No, I don’t even know what I have because I have too much stuff. And there’s so much overlap going on with his stuff!
But you’re right, it is “Nashville 1971” so I must have them because I have both those boxes.

But I also got this one because it was recommended by you! :blush:

Thanks for pointing that out!


Love being spolied with these box releases. A decade ago I forked up substantial dough for single disc FTDs with recordings sans overdubs - and all of a sudden there are so much material I have not had the time to get a proper overview. :grinning:



My friend Chonk started a new band in Memphis. Here’s one of the tracks off their self-produced debut.



Is it possible to heart a post more than once?


Neal is a common choice for my Sunday mornings:



@thebalvenie Best Version :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️



Jesus fucking Christ. I let YouTube auto play Tiny Desk concerts, and now in the midst of reviving every thread on this board I’m suddenly listening to some stupid money grab bullshit called “I Wish Heaven had Visiting Hours.”

I guess if I ever had the chance to make music for the masses, this is what I would do too. Write “Closing Time” or “Graduation” or “I Love this Bar” or some other super trite but oddly specific bullshit that would make me immortal(ly collecting royalties).


You only need one solid Christmas song. Just one.


So many people try for that one Christmas song or that one eternal hit and that’s why music is so sucky.