What are you listening to now?


Should come with every record player together with From Elvis in Memphis.


CCR’s 1st record. Kinda overlooked and honestly the original songs aren’t great, but the guitar rave-ups are phenomenal. The re-issue has a couple of early live tracks that are great. Somehow I need to hear this every day.


I used to love CCR when I was a youngster. Pretty much all their 45’s were 2-sided hits, or songs I liked… like the Beatles, CSN, Led Zeppelin and the Who. They didn’t have a lot of bad songs, therefore the band was good.


This band has a new album coming on April 14. Can’t wait



A stone cold classic, if there ever was one.


Friyay – new albums by both Lucero and Iris DeMent.

Of course, when Lucero makes an album out of left-over tracks – its is their career best. Grand.




This week I’ve been on:
Jenny Lewis
Better Oblivion Community Center

Revisiting some favorites from the last few years


I’m interested in the Better Oblivion–any chance of boxing it?


You never heard it?
It’s just their album from a few years ago, not a new one.

I love it.
I can drop it if you don’t have.


It’s in the box


Got it, thank you!


Same on the Better Oblivion. Great album.


This is good too:



That was awesome.



Right now The New Pornographers have a song out that sounds so much like Dylan Thomas it kills me.