What are you listening to now?




What is it called? I’ll check it out.




Lana rocks.


It’s a great song. She truly doesn’t get the credit she deserves.


i love lana del rey

she’s just so cool and her lyrics and voice…they make me feel like i’m in a 60’s movie but w/ 2020 context


Please tell me you are kidding.




The two new Neil Young bootleg series releases look great.


Yeah, really looking forward to these



I preordered the album, the Amazon exclusive, but I had to order through the UK. I haven’t bought any vinyl records in about two years at this point. I think the song is that good.


Ooooo, I just got this too! Yes!


A classic.


Kinda forgot about them for a while, but listening to them a lot recently. New one coming out soon.


Right now I’m listening to the first Firefall album - courtesy of my wife…

But I prefer the two solo records by Rick Roberts made after he left the Flying Burrito Brothers.


Deluxe Edition :+1:



This month has been a Lucero month (next one will also be a Lucero month). Have followed them from the very beginning – 2000 is a long time ago! – but I have only in recent years begun to realize how deeply I love their no-nonsense approach to country rock, sense of melodies and rough around the edges lyrics. Sometimes it takes a couple of decades for the dime to drop. And they just keep cranking out albums – their lastest one that came out last week is nothing less than awesome (my album of the year pick is settled). At the moment I am listening A LOT to their early stuff. Talent as raw as it comes: