What are you listening to now?



Too bad @dommodkees doesn’t hang out here anymore.
He would have appreciated your post. :+1:



Then there is not only one European who likes Lucero, but two. :grinning:



He does. This album is indeed great!


Well, how about that? Look who’s here! :heart_eyes:
Good to see you again, my cosmic co-virgo twin! :sunglasses:


Page McConnell and Trey Anastasio put out a new album, January, this past Friday. It’s really great:


Keeeees!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


This album has been getting plenty of attention and praise in the UK. Pretty decent what I’ve heard so far.



What a fun show! :two_hearts:

James Burton falling into the pool :rofl:



I’ve got that one and all his leading up to it on vinyl… it wasn’t too many years later I started in buying CDs instead. Once he got into his trilogy I was buying his CDs.


Yeah pretty much the same for me. I’d forgotten how much I loved this album, especially On The Nickel. He just sounds so good on vinyl


I’ve got Foreign Affairs and soundtrack for One From the Heart on vinyl too.

I saw him several times in concert during that middle part of his career.


Oh man, I would love to see him live but he so rarely comes over this way


Just randomly saw Death Cab put out an acoustic version of their 2022 album Asphalt Meadows yesterday. I don’t listen much to Death Cab, but this intrigued me; and I totally love this acoustic record. Listened to it twice already.


At least its unobtrusive while cringy.