What are you listening to now?







I saw these guys backing up Josh Ritter several years ago and enjoyed their set.




The King’s voice sounds so different. This was recorded long after he faked his death?



Haha! Strange that I’m listening to something different, huh?
Actually, morning was this:


And then, I have no idea why but, I had this playing in my head in the afternoon:

So I figured, I might as well listen to Jay Farrar sing something. :grin:


guitar goals



Because I don’t want @bakamomo to think something’s wrong :wink:



“V” and “He’s a Dick” are killer songs.


I’ve been listening to that Uncle Tupelo anthology quite a bit lately and love it. I need to get into Son Volt more. Graveyard Shift just slays me.


Straightaways and Wide Swing Tremolo are really great albums that are quite underrated in my opinion. It looks like the first three albums were just released as The Complete Warner Years. Jay’s first two solo efforts, Sebastopol and Terroir Blues, are also great, especially the second.


A couple of Kraig Jarrett Johnson songs from that album. “Friend” is a good one too. He released a self-titled mini album back in 2004. The U.S. version had 7 songs. It was also released in Spain but with 10 songs. I’m rather fond of it.