What are you listening to now?


imagehttps://faithless-street.com/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8696c4bd3003902fe893c7315000d2f1d057967e.jpg THIS !! thanks uv, keep me going till the records arrive :kissing_heart:


Just listened to this before I listened to THAT !



https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fchrowe0.wixsite.com%2Fmysite-1&h=AT0NWl0LWtNV70uE7WWV5GnYEsIO3EebjOeRqs9Qs9cAi8FJfgHVOnI0xgqQ9_zb9fnws9eu9MhI_V2JuynaDafXXa1Bxi9rVbYomDRypglXAlbsEiBXYIkot9lx8LZwOajezkOt0rbh1NGBwzsIfEs Hi team, this is the new album by my lifelong friend and former bandmate John Rowe, It’s well worth a listen and even more worth the 10 Aussie bucks to purchase as a download, see what ya reckon, repeated listens are recommended !! Hopefully you can access the link .


Sons Of Kemet-Lest We Forgot What We Came Here To Do


Spotify playlist we listened to all day today. Check it out. People on Steve’s board were asked “what song really stops you in your tracks with goodness?” Most did not submit jambands so don’t avoid this bc of that.



^ timeless




Lizzy Mercier Descloux-One For The Soul featuring Chet Baker blowing on a few tunes, Great Album .






Buffalo Springfield from the new Box set, sounds great !!




Did you get the ‘Girly Sound to Guyville’ box?


Haven’t listened yet but have it. Have you?

I hadn’t heard whip smart in years and I could remember all the words like I never stopped listening to it. Then played guyville.

She’s coming here in September and I’m pretty excited. I’ve only seen her once in the 90’s.


Listed here and there. It’s a lot of material. I’m doing it in bits and pieces.

Only saw here once, solo electric right after Guyville. Enjoyed it.