What are you listening to now?



I need to listen to the Lemonheads more.


Do you need some?


I have some, and I think I will stop by and pick up some additional used at my local shop. Thanks for the offer though. :slight_smile:


The best sounding recording of any 2007 show: https://archive.org/details/radams2007-07-23.sbd.flac16/radams2007_7_23d105.flac

11 years ago today.
7/23 and 7/24 2007 are two of my all-time favorite Cardinals shows.

I am listening in my office right now:

Ryan Adams Live at Herbst Theater on 2007-07-23

01 goodnight rose
02 please do not let me go
03 elizabeth, you were born to play that part
04 i taught myself how to grow old
05 dear john
06 magnolia mountain
07 blue hotel, what sin replaces love
08 the sun also sets
09 oh my god, whatever, etc, let it ride
10 carolina rain
11 audience
12 cold roses, peaceful valley
13 pearls on a string
14 the end, wild flowers
15 bartering lines
16 blue sky blues


Colter Wall. Astonishing, dark stuff.


i love the herbst theater show. definite standout imo




Miles Davis-Jack Johnson


Dexter Gordon, Dexter Gordon and more Dexter Gordon.




Spending a warm arvo with this classic from 1972 , tonight we have Hot Pot !!


Spending my Saturday morning with coffee and this. Never heard it. At that As the Crow Flies show they covered Almost Cut My Hair and I can’t get it out of my head, so I had to seek out the original.

Anyone wants this added to the box let me know.


Wow, there’s unreleased Neil on there that I have never heard, so yes, box it please!


On the way.






Is this the expanded 4-way Street?