What are you listening to now?




I got this from my aunt’s house. It is signed.

She must have seen him down in Orange Beach.

I have never heard of him, but he’s a decent songwriter with an only slightly annoying voice.




He’s all over Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. I believe he and Lucinda had a falling out over that album. Killer guitarist.





I’ll have to dig car wheels out and check it out all over again. Love that album.


Ah, I was wrong about this. I thought he was on the album but he was on the first version of the album that she scrapped before re-recording the released version.


Ouch! no wonder they had a falling out.

I’ve only heard the version on the official release- Which was the first Lucinda record I bought.


Really? I was lucky to hear about her on her debut. A friend went to Vassar and had a radio show in the late 80’s. He’d send me tapes of his show and I fell in love with her. Every album is a gem.



Really into Justin Vernon’s new project, Big Red Machine:

Very much looking forward to the album at the end of the month.

Also, new Circles Around the Sun this week!



This video came up on my computer and here I am with tears in my eyes.

Wasn’t sure at first why, but after Aretha’s passing and knowing Joni’s struggles it really hit me that my heroes are leaving at too fast a rate.

I guess old age brings that and it can be hard for me to come to grips with.

Having said that, I sometimes get emotional when I hear a phenomenal performance of a beautiful song… so that could have come into play as well.


Jim James came on stage at Brandi Carlile’s show in LA for Aretha tribute: Do Right Woman, Do Right Man and Respect.


Allen Toussaint-The Bright Mississippi



Saying goodbye to summer with this beautiful summer record



At first glance this didn’t sound like a great idea. Gary Louris has collaborated with various people (Dixie Chicks, Jacob Dylan to name 2) over the years, and this is a collection of those rerecorded by the Jayhawks - but surprisingly there is a lot to like hear. The last 2 cuts (Carry You To Safety & Leaving Detroit) are new songs and are up there with their best. Well worth it if you are a fan.




I don’t think I’ve seen this posted here yet, but Kurt Vile has a new single out.