What are you listening to now?


You have to click the link and go to Youtube.



Been playing Jason Isbell’s Southeastern a lot this weekend:



St. Vincent is a treasure.


been loving the soundtrack too

which one did isbell write?


He wrote Maybe It’s Time. Pretty much as soon as I got home from the movie, I had to learn how to play it on guitar haha!



I put the Star is Born soundtrack in the group box. Thanks, Neb!


This is OK, but I’m not as big of a fan of symphonic Brandi as rocking out Brandi. No idea who this other guy is, but his voice is kind of pretty.


just downloaded it this morning. saw a feed through insta and went and found on itunes.

good stuff.


That’s Sam Smith. He’s a wonderful singer. I got pretty excited when I saw they were working together.


OK, I read up on him now… I thought the name sounded like a guy I remember hearing about that was on American Idol or the Voice or one of those kind of shows.


God damn. I just listened. I prefer the original but Brandi doing a high harmony to him? WOW!


Beautiful. Sharing this.


He did the Bond theme song for “Spectre”:


…sorry couldn’t get through that. Not my style of music.

I like the Stones though :yum:


God damn I had to listen to that Brandi/Sam Smith again. I love it when two incredible singers get together. This is really beautiful.



I really like this acoustic album


Ha! Not my style, either!