What are you listening to now?


John Coltrane-Giant Steps MONO version .


Great song and thrilling lead guitar outro by the incomparable Jesse Ed Davis.






How is it?


I’m not sure yet. I need a few more listens.


How are those baked beans?

Not sure, I will have to eat the whole plate and shit it out tomorrow before I know.


What a great album!


It’s the 50th anniversary version and it’s in the box. :smiley:


I can’t get enough of the Rihanna cover on the new Cat Power album


damn. listened to every second of this. she owned that!


this tour greg did All shades of blue like this…damn good…


Isao Suzuki Quartet + 2-Orang-Utan .


awesome! I just realized he’s playing Chicago this week – so bummed I missed out on tickets!


it’s not too late man.

try seat geek app or try facebook or craigslist.


seriously, Neb, you have to go!!!
I wish he was coming here or even close. Chicago and St. Louis were the closest shows I think and they’re pretty far.


@thebalvenie @LBSUNFLWR I’ll take a look, thanks! I last saw him at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton some 4 years ago, and it was so awesome! I was in the 3rd row center for that.

It’s a little tough mid week, but I should take a look to see what I can do!