What are you reading?


I have the Savage Detectives but haven’t read it yet. Wife liked it, wished there was more when she was done.


I did read the first chapter and I wasn’t overly impressed but I’m sure it will get better. Curious about the Gang War story, how could a former drug-addict/ex-prisoner have thought it was a good idea to team up with Johnny Thunders?

No spoilers!


Still got a whole bunch of PKD that I’m working my way through… After this, I’m gonna read The Martian, as I really enjoyed the film when it was on TV the other day…AC_SL1500


No spoilers–but I will say that I think all of the story would be better told by a seasoned writer. His voice added nothing to the tale. The ‘good stuff’ in Kramer’s book could have been covered in 1/3 his page count, and been more effective as well.


David Goggins: Can’t Hurt Me



Nice cross section there , Balv ! Something for almost everyone !


A wonderful and beautiful interview with David James Duncan…for everyone :slight_smile:



The title comes of much more pompous/heady than the actual read. Noah is a pretty down to earth mellow fellow, and writer. He continues to push the envelope in his personal and public life which has made him somewhat of a current outcast. I got to meditate and eat lunch with him last fall in Chicago, and a good chunk of the time he was making fun of himself. Neat to hear his perspective.


I want to get this book. Sounds like a really great story about a great musician…




I have that, let me know how it is. Does it have more/better content than the All Over but the Shouting book?


I’m trying to branch out. I’m weak at history.

Another Darkness, Another Dawn: A History of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers



Without being boring, it’s a thorough ‘study’ of how the band came together and then became very good at being the Mats, and then started falling apart. Haven’t finished yet, but I’m enjoying it.


I’ve just reread It by Stephen King. It’s truly a tome of epic proportions. Obviously inspired by the recent movie versions, which I thought were a better stab than the 1990 TV movie with Tim Curry


my buddy ryan recommended this to me…it was really fucking good…hit up people online…ask them their age, don’t confirm and then continue to solicit nudes from them, and send them nudes too…then, when you’re ready, make an online comeback and post cool loving caring pics of you w/ your cat!!!


Read that this year too. The author didn’t pull any punches. Even Westerberg comes off as a first rate asshole. Doesn’t diminish my love for their music, but jesus they could be terrible - to each other and anyone who wandered into their path.


How is it? I put a hold on it at the library, but I don’t believe they have copies yet.