What are you reading?



Loving this book. Nearly finished it now and can’t wait to see how it ends up.


I finished the Barry Levine Jeffrey Epstein profile “The Spider” and now I’m doing a simultaneous re-read of Rules of Attraction by Brett Easton Ellis, and “I Always Find You” by John A. Lindqvist… the rumor is that the third book is going to hit America on the 21st, so if that happens, I want to have just re-read it, but sadly I only have it in paperback, so I can’t read it before bed.


My preferred method of reading before bed is paperback.


I like to read until I actually slip off to sleep, so my Kindle is better for that since there’s no lamp to fiddle with and it turns itself off. It’s also easier for me to hold on to with my stupid knitting induced carpal tunnel. :slight_smile:


When I was a teenager I loved Doonsbury. Zonker Harris was my favorite, of course. My brother loved the comic strip and got me into it. I also used to love the underground comics. Zap, The Fabulous, Furry Freak Brothers and Fat Freddies Cat.


I pulled out an old Doonesbury compilation book and started in on it. Most of the context is a little bit lost, you kind of have to put yourself back into that mindset of the early 70’s and what was topical at the time. Watching the Questlove Soul Festival documentary made me nostalgic more than usual I guess.


I often think that in the context of depression and anxiety, the fact that Peanuts resonated with me so strongly before I was even 10 should have been a red flag to someone. I checked out every anthology from the library multiple times and wanted to be a Sunday cartoonist, but none of my strips had any jokes in them… very similar to Peanuts.


Hmmm, I had never considered that loving Peanuts would raise any red flags. You are very artistic and everybody has to be influenced by what they love. A lot of us loved that strip and others for all sorts of different reasons.


love this dougo!!!


A while ago I had the pleasure of a transatlantic meeting with Willy Vlautin. My friend Peter made a podcast of it… you can listen here: https://app.springcast.fm/9698/kees-schepel-in-gesprek-met-willy-vlautin
The intro is in Dutch, the rest is English.


Enjoyed listening to it, Kees!
Thanks for sharing. It was good to hear your voice again! :heart::wink:
“I have to put my glasses on…” :rofl:


I’m currently reading posts on faithless-street.com .


Definitely will check this out!


I rarely read in my free time, but when I do it’s almost always poetry. I really love Iain S. Thomas’ work. With that, reading his newest release The Truth of You: Poetry About Love, Life, Joy, and Sadness:



I finally broke down and ordered the Australian translation in paperback of X: I Am the Tiger from some Canadian reseller for twice the list price. If it’s being released in the US, I can’t find evidence of it, and I want to read it before the baby comes.


I like you.


I like you too balv!


I think you both kind of suck.


Yeah, well.

What can you do? You get what you pay for.


I’m reading the Forsyte Saga, it’s so good! Super gossipy and funny. I love his use of language around the colors in clothing and rooms, it strikes such an interesting contrast to everything else going on.