What are you reading?


Looks sick and I don’t read enough Asian stuff.


Just getting ready to dig into this.


Every morning we watch the Nightmare Before Christmas and I’m reminded of the totally unsolicited chapter in Kim Gordon’s book where she justifies dating Danny Elfman for five minutes like we’ve been hounding her about it every day of her life.


I saw Oingo Boingo in concert once and Danny Elfman is the MAN!

Living with Robert Mapplethorpe, as Patti Smith did is quite another matter altogether.


Sometimes 5-minute dates can be perfect.


I’d just hate for someone to weigh in on who I am forevermore because they dated me for less than a year when I was still in high school, you know? It didn’t make either one of them look particularly good. Her book was super grim. Definitely not something I’m planning to read again.



good thing you’re married!


Trust me, I had a lot of horror stories before I got married, possibly my first marriage could be counted among them…. But he got 8 years with me. Kim Gordon dated a teenaged Danny Elfman for a couple months and acted like people were beating down her door trying to get answers about that 50 years later.


I love that book so much. She’s got such and wonderful way of bringing you into that world. It was hard to put down. Was thinking about reading it again.

Also I love that the pages are deckled.



Such a great account of what it takes to be a REAL artist. And I have learned a lot about Patti I never knew. I also just got a copy of Horses on vinyl that i’ve been enjoying quite a bit. What a great portrait on the cover by Mapplethorpe too.


…also The Deckled Edge would be a great band name.




Did you send that to @Monkey?


No, I didn’t. Is he a fan of artists and their cats? :cat:


Isn’t that what this thread is about?





La di da.




I just started this. I never thought I’d read a book that was described as a self-help book for artists, but it’s interesting.