What are you reading?



Kind of an odd modern take on California noir. Lethem is one of my favorite authors, even if he can be a bit inconsistent.


I love California noir. Will have to check this out.


Both of you get a room


how on fucking earth did i not know Cormac’s new books were out…i’d been checking in off and on for years

anyways, they’re both out
The Passenger and Stella Maris

i bought em


also, i’m over the moon excited for this and plan to devour each page

Sun House is one of the greatest imaginative achievements I have encountered in a lifetime of reading. Page after page brims with invention, mirth, knowledge, irreverence, and deep wisdom. I know of no one who better captures the beauty of the natural world or the ineffable experience of transcendence… David James Duncan transports the reader into a world more radiant and vivid than this one, or rather into a world just as radiant and vivid as this one, if only we attended to it with the heightened awareness his tale urges us to cultivate.
–William deBuys, author of The Trail to Kanjiroba: Rediscovering Earth in an Age of Loss


I finished reading The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin about a month ago, I loved it. It’s so good, and inspiring and interesting. So many lines stick with me, but especially this one:

Rules direct us to average behaviors. If we’re aiming to create works that are exceptional, most rules don’t apply. Average is nothing to aspire to.

In reading that, I’ve realized that so much of who I am or what I do is driven by this sentiment. Of course, I’m not trying to come off as pompous, but just trying to pursue what’s interesting and not get stuck in a rut, whether it’s work or play.

Edit: Other great quotes

The reason we’re alive is to express ourselves in the world. And creating art may be the most effective and beautiful method of doing so. Art goes beyond language, beyond lives. It’s a universal way to send messages between each other and through time.

With each story we tell ourselves, we negate possibility. Reality is diminished. Rooms of the self are walled off. Truth collapses to fit a fictional organizing principle we’ve adopted. As Artists, we’re called to let go of these stories, again and again, and blindly put our faith in the curious energy drawing us down the path.


I’m going to need to get this book.


@ultraviolet Did you ever read the Sookie Stackhouse books that TrueBlood was based on? They aren’t very good, but they are a hell of a lot of fun and Elvis is a recurring character.


Josh Ritter started writing in his Tumblr blog again; a really nice entry on The Voice – those inner voices we hear throughout the day telling us to do things, or small snippets of lines that will find their way into a song or a poem:


Hi saf!
No, I’ve never read those books. I was never into vampire/goth/fantasy books but I did read most of the books by Anne Rice in that genre when they were very popular way back when.

I did google the series to see what you were talking about and the Elvis character in the books sounds like a lot of fun. And I didn’t know that vampires can live on cat blood, which is unfortunate because I like cats.

Thanks for the information! I just learned a bunch of new things today.


Modern classic.

EDIT: There is of course also Tarantino’s ‘True Romance’.


Thanks for the heads up.
Looks like I’m going to have to watch that one. :+1:

I was meaning to ask you, do you have a copy of The Lost Performances?