What are you reading?


Reading The Great Alone–really good beginning–hoping it carries through.




Would have picked this one up until I saw who the forward was by. Fuck that “punk” ass little bitch.


Let’s just say a more comprehensive book needs to be written by an actual fact-checking, story-assembling author. This is just a bunch of overlapping reminisces of the same time period by famous people.



Good spot and read


Good book. Need to read this again. Good summer holiday book.


Getting ready to read the new Willy Vlautin after I finish up some Faulkner stories.


I bought this for my Mom since seeing it here. Figured if you were reading it, must be worthwhile.


It is required reading for the Trauma based fellowship here, and an easy/interesting read. I hope your mother finds it interesting.


She went through some horrible shit last year plus she’s a nurse for critically ill children. She sounded very interested.


Notes From Underground : Fyodor Dostoevsky, with a very detailed introduction to the novella and the writer that was very insightful. I remember reading Crime and Punishment and absolutely hating it though.


The King in Yellow : Robert W. Chambers. Reading this one for a second time, hoping the last few stories will be better than I remember but this is overall a solid collection.

I don’t really have the attention span for full on novels at the moment. :slight_smile:




i have the king in yellow and will read it this summer.
finishing up the whiskeytown one and the van zandt book


Followed Detroit 67 with this, Memphis 68. Been listening to the Stax Volt Singles collection a lot too. Harlem 69 is due later this year, can’t wait.


That’s a great cover photo.

Otis was the MAN!


Love Notes from Underground. Read it a couple times when I was in younger.


I have to be honest. I struggled with the first part. I’ll have to read it again and see if I have a better grasp.


Enjoyed reading Calypso so I decided to go back and revisit a David Sedaris book that I read years ago:


And also reading a newer one by him: