What are you reading?


Well, I wish they’d put out an English version of this. My French is OK at best, so I would miss all the subtlety of it.


Looks like the whole thing is here: http://www.academia.edu/28811287/In_the_Presence_of_Schopenhauer_5_essays_by_Michel_Houellebecq


Nice thanks!


Bought this one today, can’t wait to get started on it (Detroit 67 and Memphis 68 were very good).



E-files of such for dropbox? I need to read all of them.


I’m afraid not but yeah, you really do need to read all of them.


joost, can you just send me all your books when you’re done with them?


We used to have a book exchange where we’d mail a member one of our previously read books. I like that Idea. However, if I were to mail you one of my books now you might be frustrated that I didn’t keep the crayon inside the lines.


what books are you looking for?

torrentday has a ton of epub, mobi and pdf for e-readers.

let me know and i can either get you an invite to that site or i can download and put in the box.



Thanks balv but I really prefer real books. My eyes are going to shit so the less time I spend on a screen, the better. Like right now. Hopeless.


Here you go grandma.


What does it say?




My wife, my kid, my car, but my books…no way.


What kind of car?


Renault Twingo, baby.


I’m a big fan too. I guess it depends on your definition of “perverted” - not sure where you start when you have a president who likes to fuck porn stars.


Just reread The Black Dalia, The Big Nowhere and now on LA Confidential. Haven’t read them in a long time. I have a bit of trepidation about The Storm which is either coming out soon or the spring (sorry, talking James Ellroy here) Perfidia was a bit of a mess imo.


A new Ellroy, excellent news! Heard the new Houellebecq will be out in January, and the first translations in April.


Yay new Huellebecq.