What are you reading?






Just bought the tweedy book on Amazon. It’s on sale too. Excited to read it someday.


same here


Cosmic co-virgo twins. :sunglasses:


It’s fun/good/interesting. Kind of like when he talks at the Wilco shows. You’ll really enjoy it. The audiobook is supposed to be pretty good, too. I might give it a listen after I finish reading the book.


The Doll-Master and other tales of terror by Joyce Carol Oates. Not your typical collection of the genre. She’s a very good writer. I know you’ve heard of her. :slight_smile:


imageI’m reading this, interesting and informative .


Finished The Great Believers a bit ago. Highly recommend!


New Huellebecq is out in French. Me, I gotta wait for the translation.



I just finished Fair Thee Well by Joel Selvin.

It is the story of the post-Jerry Grateful Dead and goes all the way up to their big 3-concert extravaganza. Interesting how everything he/they stood for got washed away in their search for continuation.

It is a good read and I enjoyed it. Very informative.




I thought he was related to Julian Schnabel so I googled…I guess not.


Ha, no, don’t think so…



A little dry but amazing. I have the 8th edition and just upgraded. I don’t partake anything stronger than tea anymore, but if I did this would be the “research guide”.