What are you reading?






Just bought the tweedy book on Amazon. It’s on sale too. Excited to read it someday.


same here


Cosmic co-virgo twins. :sunglasses:


It’s fun/good/interesting. Kind of like when he talks at the Wilco shows. You’ll really enjoy it. The audiobook is supposed to be pretty good, too. I might give it a listen after I finish reading the book.


The Doll-Master and other tales of terror by Joyce Carol Oates. Not your typical collection of the genre. She’s a very good writer. I know you’ve heard of her. :slight_smile:


imageI’m reading this, interesting and informative .


Finished The Great Believers a bit ago. Highly recommend!


New Huellebecq is out in French. Me, I gotta wait for the translation.



I just finished Fair Thee Well by Joel Selvin.

It is the story of the post-Jerry Grateful Dead and goes all the way up to their big 3-concert extravaganza. Interesting how everything he/they stood for got washed away in their search for continuation.

It is a good read and I enjoyed it. Very informative.




I thought he was related to Julian Schnabel so I googled…I guess not.


Ha, no, don’t think so…



A little dry but amazing. I have the 8th edition and just upgraded. I don’t partake anything stronger than tea anymore, but if I did this would be the “research guide”.


Waiting for This Storm, the new James Ellroy (May 30th), now reading The Border by Don Winslow. Very good, he’s right up there with Ellroy.


You get the new Huellebecq? It’s only out in French and Spanish I think, but I’m not sure if you read either of those languages.

They seem to have delayed the US release from April/May (now) until 2020.


Yes, that’s up next, the Dutch translation came out two weeks ago.

Also bought Wayne Kramer’s biography, The Hard Stuff.