What are you reading?


I just finished the Hard Stuff a book or two ago. His writing skills and self-examination are a bit limited, but I learned a lot about Detroit and the MC5. Wayne was never a lyricist and barely got through high school (if he finished) so his writing is rudimentary.



On a lark I started reading and finished On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Ian Fleming

I’m finishing up Roberto Bolano’s The Insufferable Gaucho (short stories) before I decide to take the plunge into The Savage Detectives

Anyone a Bolano fan?


I have the Savage Detectives but haven’t read it yet. Wife liked it, wished there was more when she was done.


I did read the first chapter and I wasn’t overly impressed but I’m sure it will get better. Curious about the Gang War story, how could a former drug-addict/ex-prisoner have thought it was a good idea to team up with Johnny Thunders?

No spoilers!


Still got a whole bunch of PKD that I’m working my way through… After this, I’m gonna read The Martian, as I really enjoyed the film when it was on TV the other day…AC_SL1500


No spoilers–but I will say that I think all of the story would be better told by a seasoned writer. His voice added nothing to the tale. The ‘good stuff’ in Kramer’s book could have been covered in 1/3 his page count, and been more effective as well.


David Goggins: Can’t Hurt Me



Nice cross section there , Balv ! Something for almost everyone !