What are you reading?


my buddy ryan recommended this to me…it was really fucking good…hit up people online…ask them their age, don’t confirm and then continue to solicit nudes from them, and send them nudes too…then, when you’re ready, make an online comeback and post cool loving caring pics of you w/ your cat!!!


Read that this year too. The author didn’t pull any punches. Even Westerberg comes off as a first rate asshole. Doesn’t diminish my love for their music, but jesus they could be terrible - to each other and anyone who wandered into their path.


How is it? I put a hold on it at the library, but I don’t believe they have copies yet.


Bought a mint copy of this for $3 at a book sale. Great stories obviously.


It’s Heuellebecq lite. Not as deeply creative as Map/Territory, say. I get the feeling he can write this sort of thing in between reruns of Columbo.

But there is always some good writing in there.


Yeah, some good writing but subject matter (French agriculture and farming) is not the most thrilling. It’s a pretty quick read though, so there’s that.




I’m just ready to start this book.

He played hockey here in Kalamazoo for Western Michigan back in the 70’s and I watched his brother Bernie play. Also interested in reading about his clinical depression he suffered from while working for ESPN.



This, again.


Picked this up a couple years ago along with his September 78 (live) CD from Oh Boy!, his record label.


I just ordered this. I should have done so a long time ago.


I think I’m going to order this one.


There’s a good article about a number of different books on Kent State in the New Yorker: