What are you reading?


I’m reading a thread Meade recently created.
I wish I had a meme of Meade poking his head into a murder hornet nest.
I wish if a meme existed that it actually came to existence from reality.



I’m reading Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia. Technically it’s a reread, but I only really loved three of them enough to read them over and over and so a handful of them, like this one, I don’t remember too well. I managed to find an Old-New Stock boxed set from the mid-nineties that was the same one my mom had bought for me, my daughter got it for Christmas and is excited about having them read to her. I’m rereading them on my Kindle.


I was managing to get through at least a book or two a month, reading them on the daily commute. Seeing as that stopped nearly a year ago, I’ve not been doing any reading. But I picked this up, because I’m a fan of a lot of the stuff that he’s done over the years:


It’s very interesting, but some of it I’m convinced is bullshit. Can you really be that drunk that you could ride a motorbike somewhere and wake up the next day in a motel without knowing how you got there? And do this multiple times? Without dying or being pulled over? Maybe, I guess, but alternatively, it’s bullshit. A bit like Anthony Kiedis claiming in his autobiography that he did heroin and then had sex with his girlfriend for 12 hours straight. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…


Thanks for reminding me that existed, I have been meaning to read it.


I finally read “A Simple Plan” by Scott Smith, and I was disappointed. I had read the Ruins and found that to be a really, REALLY good book for the genre. I was locked in the whole time, very compulsive supernatural horror novel.

Scott Smith is a screenwriter/novelist, so for both books he also wrote the screenplays for the major motion pictures. So maybe you guys saw the 1998 film with Bill Paxton and Billy Bob. This book was just ill timed for me. I’m stuck in my house because it’s winter and the whole book takes place during a winter in Ohio, so like, definitely not a vacation. This one also had no supernatural elements to it, so it fell totally flat to me as realistic fiction.

The idea was supposed to be that good people will do horrible things in extreme situations, but the main character was not really a good guy to me. He was dissociative with every single person in his life… parents, sibling, wife, child, you name it, he was repulsed by all of them most of the time for no real reason. He also ends up killing a Sons of Anarchy episode’s worth of people in the sloppiest ways imaginable and is never caught or even questioned about it. I don’t know. I guess I just don’t want 4.4 million dollars that much.

I have to give Scott a pass here as this novel was written in 1993 and his follow up was easily 7x as good as this mess. I’ll definitely buy whatever he publishes next, but this was a total flop for me.


I just marathon read “Rules of Magic” which was a prequel to “Practical Magic” by Alice Hoffman. Very good. Moving on to “Magic Lessons.”