What are you watching now?


I can’t believe this doesn’t seem to exist already. Is it too fraught with danger? Is it digging too deep into everybody’s psyche? Are we just too scared to find out that people watch crap?

Ok, I admit it! I like Ozark! So shoot me. Now what am I gonna watch now the “halftime break” is upon me?

Oh, back to Sunny in Philadelphia


We’re rewatching Mad Men at the moment. Still great.


Sando. And Fresh Meat.


There is a TV thread.

We just started the second season of Goliath.

Currently watching football though. It’s been a good weekend of playoff games.


rewatching a few things at the moment because I can’t help myself:
Burn Notice

New things:
Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett
What We Do in the Shadows (kind of like the office, but vampires)

Movie wise, just watched The French Dispatch (new Wes Anderson movie), it was so good.


Oh yeah, and Search Party.


Me too, finished a The Sopranos a week or so again, MM on now, probably The Wire next.



I liked the movie better than the TV series.

:+1: Might have to watch that again.

Fresh Off The Boat

Just finished watching Daredevil. I had no idea it was so good! :100:

Next up:
Mayor Of Kingston.
Was waiting for the series to finish so we can watch it whenever we felt like watching it instead of having to keep waiting for the next episode.


i really like ozark. it’s so good.


mayor of kingstown is/was good. i’m not sure i would care to see a 2nd season of it.

we’re watching dopesick right now on hulu. very solid story and cast. i wish michael keaton was in more stuff…he’s so good


Also watching Ozark…lots of Brit Box and Acorn tv too.


I have Dopesick on my EHD, also.
Haven’t started Mayor of Kingstown yet.

Dopesick or Mayor of Kingstown: Which should I go with first?


i like dopesick
but both are good. definitely different genres. mayor kind of doesn’t go anywhere. you’ll see :slight_smile:


Thanks, I think I’ll start with Dopesick. :wink:


Just started watching the new Ozark. Finished the Dead series Long Strange Trip. Loved it.


We’ve crossed the threshold where the children have totally commandeered the television. Here’s our rotation:

  1. Marie Antoinette (2005)
  2. Baby Shark & 21 best loved songs
  3. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
  4. The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sometimes we put on Emma (2020).

I did manage to finish Yellowjackets and watch the first new episode of Billions (3 days to watch an hour of television???) I was optimistic until the 40 minute mark when they so sloppily made cannon guy a client of Prince’s to somehow make this flimsy premise his business… whatever, it’s not like the show can get worse at this point…


i’m debating even watching billions…it’s run its course imo

when our girls were young it was princess barbie cartoons all day long. and then progressed into all things disney channel. wizards of waverly, and blah blah blah


I’m so lucky that Marie Antoinette made it in, that soundtrack slaps, man. Never gets old. Also, no plot and endless opportunities to parrot relevant historical trivia at each other.

My son will run into the room to watch the scene in Emma where Jane Fairfax and Mr. Knightly sing together. Ahahaha.


Agree with this, loved it at first. Can’t even raise myself to watch it now.


Same here. It has definitely jumped the shark. Yellowjackets was great though. I love anything with Melanie Lynskey, but this one got better with every episode.